Hard trainings already everyday. Full of equipment…
Visa in my pocket!



My studies show that the best season to make this xc flight is between
June and July.
Also when I was studying the weather history of Tian Shan
I found a new English term – CAVOK :)

Below just statistics from 2014 but to create more predictable model I’ve checked history from last 5 years in 3 circles with a diameter of 250km each.
Centers of the circles 1.Kashgar, 2. Aksu, 3. Urumqi





My last half year of preparation is also simulation of flight and learning topography of my way in Tian Shan, in case all my electronic devices
(Flymaster NAV+ Garmin62s) will gone.

There is not many sources supporting this part of Tian Shan,
especially in print version.
Only one available map covered my area… but it’s just around 90km of flight.


Rest of them after super hard research I bought from Soviet Army*
(30-50Mb each 55cmx55cm, print resolution)
they are from 1976 and 1980 newest
So I collected 12 sheets of maps 1:500k and 4 sheets in scale 1:1000000.




Obviously there is many differences on this maps between present and past like new routes, cities etc. The sad fact here is that comparing satelite maps and this old I found that glaciers and rivers disappearing so fast…

Besides of printed maps I have to create my own digital custom map set which I uploaded to my GPS.
None of map producer got in offer maps of this area zoom less than 1:500 000 that’s why I created my own!